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I combed out my 4 year old locs

Soooo , as y’all know I restarted my loc journey , but to do that of course I combed out my Locs 👀

First of all ,combing out locs is not for the weak 💪🏾. It won’t happen overnight (just like locs don’t grow overnight ) , but if anything we got patience ☝🏾

It took me a total of four days to comb out 96 locs ! I was plucking and pulling all day everyday (with the exception of one because of work ) . I just binged watched Avatar :the last Airbender and The Legend of Korra while doing it .

I washed my hair as soon as all my locs where out , and btw y’all shrinkage is reaaaallll . My locs came all the way to my bra strap , but my afro clung at my ears 😂.

One mistake I made while taking out my locs is that each loc I picked out, I re-twisted that same hair back up . When I finally got around to washing my twisted hair (that I just unloc’d) they started to try to loc back up on me ! 😰

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that . But when you remove locs your hair is so used to wrapping ,twisting,and knitting around each other that you literally have to do some mad detangling the first few times you wash your hair .


The Process

To remove my locs used 3 tools : a loom pick, some cheap conditioner with slip (cause you will need a lot !), and a heat cap for deep conditioning.

First 3 locs down

This is after I removed the first locs, and my hair came right to my breast.Although I did snip the ends off my hair still was around the same length.


Thank you all for reading this post.I want to say that If you have thoughts about changing your hair or anything,and you’ve been plotting on it for a while just DO IT!

-Ollie J  ♡


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