The BEST & the WORST things about having locs

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Well, let me start off by saying this :

This is my opinion from my experience with having locs, and I’m only mentioning things that I have witnessed and experienced

So if you are someone who has just started their loc journey, or if you’re someone who is thinking about it, please read.

Let’s start with the Best

Low maintenance 

Locs are by far the most low maintenance hairstyle that I have ever had. I used to be in my scalp every second. I honestly will go weeks without touching my hair. I know that sounds bad, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. If I do a style like a two-strand twist, or even just having my hair down every day I just wake up and go. I remember rocking my two-strand twists on my loose natural hair, and about three days in my twists are frizzy asf. Even though that’s how I started my loc journey, back then I didn’t want my hair to frizz up like that. I mean, you do still have to wrap up your locs like you would any other hairstyle, but all you have to do is take off that bonnet and go. But before you go remember to ♥Spritz & Oil♥. All I worry about is a retwist, which is about every two months & by me leaving my hair alone,all my hair does is grows and grows.

IMG_0559img_4722Two Years Apart


Becoming apart of the Loc Community


Ever since I started my loc journey, I have received nothing but love & support from the loc community. I started recording my journey on Instagram in 2017. I automatically received followers, likes, and messages from many people in the loc community. Everyone is so uplifting and very supportive of each other. Almost anyone I follow on Instagram who has locs will give you tips, shoutout your page, and answer any questions you have. They’ll let you know what’s up with products, and what’s good and not good for your hair. I also enjoy talking to and meeting new people that have locs as well. Most people are very genuine. I also get a lot of messages from people who have just begun their loc journey, and it feels amazing knowing that they want my advice. The loc community only grows more and more every day, and I’m very happy to be apart of it.

The Versatility of locs

Although your hair is loc’d, that does not mean that you can’t do many styles. Many people are under the notion that once they loc up their hair, they only have a handful of styles. Boy, are they wrong cause I’ve only had my locs for two years and a few months, and I haven’t even grazed the surface of how many loc styles there are. There are many skilled loctitians (noun. a person who does locs, from washing, retwisting,& styling.) the loc community who come up with new and unique styled every day for each and every client they have. So, don’t ever think that because you have locs you can only wear your hair down, or up in a pony. Heres an example of all the styles I’ve tried so far:

Exhibit A (Bantu Knots)


Exhibit B (Two Strand Twist Updo)


Exhibit C (Two Strand Twist Pineapple Pony)


Exhibit D (Two Strand Twist)


Exhibit E (Pipe Cleaner Curls)

Your hair gets thicker


It is no secret that when you get locs your hair gets thicker. If you’re someone with thin hair, who wants thicker strands, then you’ll love locs. All of the hair that you shed, gets trapped in your locs, making it thicker & stronger.

& Now the WORST    img_4716


Everyone in the loc community is familiar with lint. Its as if every single piece of lint on the face of the earth is drawn to your hair. Lint is a common enemy, and you should try to avoid it as much as possible. It’s also the hardest to remove.No one wants to sit for hours picking lint from their locs. Most people just give up and dye their hair over the lint. To keep lint away, always wrap your hair up, wash it regularly, & do not let people play in your hair!


Although locs are very versatile & there are a ton of hairstyles, there simply is some stuff that you can not do. Most people really miss their loose natural hair when they get locs, so it can be kind of hard sometimes transitioning. Although almost every loose natural hairstyle can be translated with locs, sometimes they just aren’t the same.I remember when I first started my loc journey , my hair changed a lot , and I didn’t know how to deal with certain things . My locs were super frizzy and I hated it . I used to wear a wig over my locs all the time . At some point though, I realized that I feel more of myself when my locs are free , so I stopped wearing wigs and embraced my journey .

Scalp Tenderness

 I know I always mention this but whew , scalp tenderness is the truth . It’s as if you can feel every single tug and pull on your hair . Always keep in mind what kind of stress you could potentially be putting on your hair . Overtime consistent stress will definitely cause your hair to break , especially if your hair lacks moisture. It’s important to massage your scalp regularly and let your hair just breathe .

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Throughout this journey, I have learned patience. I have learned to be thankful for the past, live in the now, and keep high hopes for the future. Starting my loc journey was one of the craziest things I have done, and I have never felt better. I hope to inspire and give other courage along their loc journey as well. I will share tips, stories, inspiration from time to time. Thank you for following along with me.


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