Why I Will ABSOLUTELY not be trying Hair Color Wax again

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Hey Y’all. I’m pretty sure you guys have all seen my video of me trying some hair color wax. If not here’s the link to the video.

Trying Hair Color Wax

I tried the color Silver & this is the brand I got.

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I got this product for about $8 at my local beauty supply store. There are a lot of new Haircolor Wax brands out now. They normally sell from $5-$9 depending on where you get it.

But anyways…This is why I do not think I will be trying this product again.

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This stuff took forever to dry!

It took a total of 2-3 days for my hair to completely dry with this wax. I tried to speed it up with my dryer, but it was just taking its precious time. Every time I tried to put my hair in a ponytail or any style, I would have a silver residue on my hands. It’s definitely not good to have your locs damp or wet for too long anyway. It was just super inconvenient having to be cautious of everything your hair touches. I had silver on my clothes, hair bows, scarves, anything that touched my head.

I couldn’t do my daily moisture routine!

Since this wax is water-sensitive.I could not do my daily rose water spritz to keep my hair moisturized. I was even scared to oil my hair because I didn’t want to mess up the wax. If I didn’t choose to just apply the wax to my ends, I would’ve had a dry scalp too. Its just kind of hard to work around when you have something sitting on your hair.

I couldn’t style my hair!

Even though the wax did eventually dry. It’s still wax, so when I tried to mess with my hair a lot, I still managed to get some of the wax on my hands. I couldn’t really put my hair in all of the styles I wanted to because I was afraid the wax would leave a residue on the parts of my hair not covered by wax.

Moral of the story: I don’t like things sitting on my hair that I can’t work with .

I was so happy to rinse this wax out of my hair. I felt free 😹.

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Although there were things I did not like about this product. A few things that I did like were :

  • The ability to try different hair colors without the commitment of a dye job.
  • The damage-free process 
  • The variety of colors you can try
  • It rinsed out easily with just water 💧

Comment & let me know what you think about the hair wax !and also giphy (9)

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Throughout this journey, I have learned patience. I have learned to be thankful for the past, live in the now, and keep high hopes for the future. Starting my loc journey was one of the craziest things I have done, and I have never felt better. I hope to inspire and give other courage along their loc journey as well. I will share tips, stories, inspiration from time to time. Thank you for following along with me.

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