6️⃣things I noticed /learned when I started my loc journey

First, of freaking all ☝🏾 , my scalp got super sensitive! Things I used to do to my hair started to hurt, even sometimes pulling it up into a ponytail! Taking that ponytail out at the end of the day had me like

✌🏾Wrap yo hair! When you are getting ready for bed, wrap your locs up! I used to wake up looking like a hot mess when I didn’t wrap my hair . Especially if you have starter locs (they like to unravel a lot )which is a huge pain in the 🍑

img_2449When I didn’t wrap my hair for bed 

3️⃣Stay away from lint! This kind of goes along with what I said earlier about wrapping up your hair! Lint is like the worst thing ever. It just wants to attach into your locs and stay forever . & it’s really hard to go through and pick out every single piece because most of the time we miss a lot. I have even heard some people with locs say they just give up on picking out the lint and just dye their hair with the lint in it 😖. So, it’s best to just avoid that problem altogether! Stay away from linty towels, headscarves /wraps, and anything else you’ll put on your head that could potentially leave lint.

4️⃣Stay away from loc jewelry until your hair actually locs up! I learned this the hard way! I always used to hear people with locs saying do t put loc jewelry or anything in your hair until it finally locs up , and I never understood why 🤷🏾‍♀️ so I went and bought all of this cute hair jewelry 😖. And then when my hair finally locd up and I removed the loc charm the hair under the charm was not locd !😒.I had the charm in the middle of the loc so, the hair was loose in the middle, and locd to the end. Anyways, that end that was locd end up breaking off because the loose hair wasn’t strong enough to hold it .


Here’s what it looks like after the end snapped off

🖐🏾You have to change with your hair When I first started my loc journey I was coming from loose, which meant I did wash and gos like all the time !I continued to do them when I had starter two strand twists and it actually helped loc my hair , but when my hair finally stayed to loc up , wash and gos were a NO 🙅🏾‍♀️. Leaving that water in your hair can cause your hair to mildew and smell gross , and that is my worst hair fear 🤢. So as your hair is transitioning, your regimen has to transition as well, I went from wash and go to spritz and oil, which works great for my hair btw.

6️⃣Protect your edges! giphy (5)I know this one isn’t really talked about a lot , but I’ve seen so many people’s hairlines shift, or edges gone because they get their locs retwisted too tight around the edges. Or even sometimes just putting it into tight styles .If you like to get your hair done professionally, dont sit there and let someone twist your hair until its all bunched up, and pulling on your hairline and scalp. They cant feel the pain, so you got to let people know , especially since you are paying for professional work. Protect your scalp and your edges !

Throughout this journey, I have learned patience. I have learned to be thankful for the past, live in the now, and keep high hopes for the future. Starting my loc journey was one of the craziest things I have done, and I have never felt better. I hope to inspire and give other courage along their loc journey as well. I will share tips, stories, inspiration from time to time. Thank you for following along with me.


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