black is my new black🖤

Hey yall.

I know you’re asking why black?

Honestly, I just got a feeling that made me want to change my hair color. I had red tips for a while, and I just wanted a change.

Me with my red hair

The red was fun and cute , I mean I loved the red color but when I dyed my hair black I was like 😱.

Me right after I dyed my hair black

I felt like it popped and it makes my hair look longer ,and more elegant .Plus I hated that color I would get when my red dye would start fading out . This black dye is a permanent dye so it shouldn’t fade to a nasty green or something .I also feel like the black makes my skin and eyes pop.l because the black is so dark everything else around it stands out .

😍 anyways , I have been noticing some things though , like when I apply edge control or a product that dries and flakes , it stands out a lot in black locs , this also goes for lint ! It’s very noticeable. I’ve switched around some products , or not used so much of the product , and I make sure I wrap my hair every night to prevent lint buildup , and I also would not recommend drying your hair with a towel , sometimes towels have the most lint on them , and that lint just gets all in your hair 🤮. It’s such a pain trying to pick through and get every piece of lint out of your locs .



Throughout this journey, I have learned patience. I have learned to be thankful for the past, live in the now, and keep high hopes for the future. Starting my loc journey was one of the craziest things I have done, and I have never felt better. I hope to inspire and give other courage along their loc journey as well. I will share tips, stories, inspiration from time to time. Thank you for following along with me.

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