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1 1/2 LOCD

Hi!  Welcome to my blog. I’m Olivia, but I prefer to go by Ollie J . I have had my locs for 1 & 1/2 years now. My hair has come a long way! I originally started my locs because I wanted my hair to just GROW! My hair was always the same length for years, and I learned that it was mainly because while my hair was growing, it was also breaking off. Therefore I was not retaining length and seeing any progress.

My Hair Before Locs

Before I started my locs journey I was a loose natural. I always dyed my hair, but I stayed away from heat. I would do a lot of protective styles & try not to mess with my hair too much. My hair was just a little below shoulder length at the time. I used only Shea Moisture products and Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Starting my Loc Journey

I started my locs journey on February 8, 2017, with the two strand twist method.  locs is a real test of patience because I was always in my hair trying to see if it was locking up. I knew the faster my hair would loc up, the faster it can start growing. Like I said, I originally started my loc journey to get my hair to grow. I started researching and watching YouTube videos to see how I can get my hair to loc fast. Most places will tell you it depends on how loose or tight your natural curls/coils are. Other places will give you certain methods. For instance, there was one video that said spraying your locs with salt water will help them loc faster. I understood how the water would play a part in locking your hair faster because water tangles and makes your hair strands want to stick to each other. I didn’t want salt in my hair so I passed on that, and until this day I just spritz my locs with water.


Here is a progress slideshow of my locs over the months.😁


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